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The Company
We are always looking for more people with a similar passion & experience for creating great products and experiences. If that's you, email us at jobs@enfavr.com.
Aparna Pujar

Founder and CEO

Aparna focuses on the dream of Enfavr. She is a Product Leader and Entrepreneur and her passion is products, product experiences and creative problem solving. She has a background in Technology, Product Management and General Management and has launched several successful products, while working at prominent Silicon Valley Companies including Yahoo! and eBay!
Anoop Singhal

Co Founder and CTO

Anoop focuses on turning dream of Enfavr into reality. He is a Product Leader and Entrepreneur and he is passionate about latest technologies to solve business problems. He is an IIT graduate and has been a part of many successful startups.
Glenn Thorsen

Glenn is a millennial data scientist with a passion for creativity and application of technology. He focuses on the alignment between technology, data and behavioral patterns to drive the application of new solutions within our existing day to day lives. He has grown up in a start up environment and is always looking for ways to take an idea one step further.

A writer who can get lost and be as longwinded as a dried river. Self-styled super sci-fi nerd (at least by casual standards). Aspiring feminist. Suspected hipster. Practitioner and instructor of the Filipino martial art Nickelstick Balintawak eskrima. Also a Registered Nurse (Bachelor's Degree).
Suguna Shesh

Stays awake at odd hours testing the new features and functions of Enfavr. When she is not testing, she writes user documentation to ensures that user's expectation from any feature of Enfavr are excessively met. As a mother of two kids, juggling work and family, she completely gets Enfavr and the value it provides.
Simon Jack

Simon is a creative scientist- no, not in a gimmicky way- he genuinely started off as a bona-fide scientist (even in a lab!) but couldn�t ignore his compulsion for storytelling and creativity. It turns out combining science with design can create some beautiful monsters. As well as creative communications, he has consulted on strategy and change for a wide range of the UK�s most prominent businesses including Debenhams, Chelsea Football Club and Saatchi & Saatchi.
Meiyazhakan Ramasamy

Senior Software Engineer

Mei Ramasamy is a Full Stack Engineer, specializing in J2EE, Node.js, Mobile and Web Application Development. He has designed and continues to design and develop the several features of Enfavr.
Vijay Gowda S

Front End Developer

Vijay is a Web Designer with ample amount of creativity, analysis and also pays much attention to details. He designs web pages produce Enfavr's user experiences. He likes being involved in both the technical and graphical aspects of pages and ensures that he is up to date with the latest trends in web design.