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Enfavr Community
Engage. Enquire. Enfavr
We are a community of trusted friends who connect, collaborate to fulfill a need and help another. It is skill in exchange of a skill. Time for time. Favr for Favr. Go on a date night with your spouse and have your friends watch your kids or trade Salsa lessons for a tulip planting gig!. And get paid. No, we are not talking cash here. It is your social capital. We call it Favrcoin.

What's in it for you?
Trusted friends. It is that simple. Group of individuals who reach out, reciprocate and are available when needed. So go ahead, invite your friends, neighbors, families and start Enfavring.
Join the Reciprocity Movement
Bring back the future of good old times.
Collaborate. Reciprocate. Share. Swap. Trade.

We have always done this since the dawn of civilization. But now is the time to do it in ways that is relevant for our times. With Trust as our currency and Reciprocity as our rubric, let us design the future of our societies. Join Enfavr. Create your community or be part of a larger one. Get access to friends and communities to get those most important things in your life done. There is no limit to your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Go on and Enfavr!
Enfavr Trusted Network
Join our Community
Give Favrs, Get Favrs
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  • Joanna
  • "My manager called me for a meeting just when I was about to leave from work to pick up my daughter from school. I used Enfavr and Natalie my neighbor offered to pick my daughter up which was a huge relief!"
  • Ben
  • "I had a rough day at work and I want to escape with my wife, on a date night to watch a movie. Getting a baby sitter at a short notice was tough. Thanks to Enfavr, we got our neighbors Liz and Patrick to look after our kids."
  • Adrian
  • "Thanks to Enfavr, I was able to organize a group of Dads (and Moms) to share tasks like driving, pick up and team duties for our soccer team. As a group, we are more organized, and accountable and know when it is our turn to do our bit!"